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Let's Date Date Paste

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Allergies/Dietary Restrictions: Vegan, GF, Kosher, Organic, No Added Sugar, Natural
Shelf Life: May 2023
Serving Size: varies

Looking for a sugar alternative?

Let's Date uses 100% organic natural Dates to create their 1 ingredient paste. Naturally sweetened, dates are a great way to sweeten so many desserts.

Date Paste - Sugar Alternative Uses

✓ Smoothies
✓ Brownies
✓ Protein Bites
✓ Traditional Eid Cookies
✓Cakes & More

Check out great date paste recipes from Let's Date, click here

Available Sizes
14 oz box

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Order your desserts and gifts from here, you wont be disappointed!! Everything we’ve tried so far has been incredible! Especially the cake cubes. my husbands from Egypt and said the kunafeh was the best he’s ever had.

– Lindsay A

I have tried the basboosa, baklava and a few of the cake cubed flavors and every single bite of every single dessert has been a delicious treat sending my taste buds into a flavorful orbit.

– Raesa W

VEGAN CAKED CUBE is AMAZING!!!!!!!! The chocolate is so moist and delicious, perfect balance of sweet

– Ssheril

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