Fil-O Crumble

Move over Granola, Fil-O Crumble has the same crunch with a lighter texture. With just the right balance of sweet and a world of flavor, it can be added to anything. Or just eat it solo!

Sweet snack packed with flavor!

Story of Fil-O Crumble ™

When rolling our signature baklava rolls, some pieces would crack and break during the roll. Out of frustration, I crumbled a rolled piece and threw it in the bowl. Rolling countless trays of baklava that day, I stopped and looked at the full bowl of crumbled pieces and scraps. Of course, we can’t throw away perfectly good baklava!

So we baked it. It was just okay. Great flavor but it just wasn’t right. It was missing the crunch and would get soggy in yogurt. 1 year later, after much trial and error, Fil-O Crumble was ready and it is delicious!  

Crumble Flavors!

Ships nationwide 

Baklava Fil-O Crumble

Filo dough tossed with our in-house Ghee, walnuts, pecans and a blend of warm spices. Baked to perfection and lightly drizzled with our orange blossom simple syrup.

Pistachio Coconut Fil-O Crumble (vegan)

Filo dough, pistachio, coconut mixed and baked until lightly toasted. Drizzled with orange blossom simple syrup and white chocolate chips.

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