Cake Cubed ™


Cake with an Arab twist. Decadent cake, rich filling and delicious frosting in every bite!

Story behind Cake Cubed

We first started creating delicious 3 layer cakes for our customers. We wanted to make an easier way to eat cakes. Mason jar cakes are great but hard to scoop out every last bit. Slices can dry out and you just don’t get enough flavor in each bite.

We looked for the perfect container to make our cakes convenient, decadent and resealable. 

Introducing, Cake Cubed™. 2 layers of cake, a variety of fillings and creamy frostings! Reseals beautifully, stays fresh and freezes amazingly. If there are any leftovers!

Chocolate, fruity, nutty or cheesecake, we have the flavor for you.

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Next Drop February 19th!

How to Order?

Cake Cubed™ is available during our Special Drops. Join our mailing list to stay updated on when our next Cake Cubed™ drop is!


Drops are available in

✔ Set of 2
✔ Set of 4
✔ Vegan Options
✔ Ships Nationwide!


Every drop we will roll out with new flavors. We take Arab flavors and spices and infuse them into delicious cakes. Stay tuned for whats coming up!

Dietary & Allergen Options

 Vegan Cake Cubed™ are available! In sets of 2 & 4, we promise you won’t miss the dairy.


Gluten free Cake Cubed™ are part of our seasonal options. Follow us to stay updated!

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