About Meezan Kitchen

Our Story

Hi, I’m Layla

The Founder of Meezan Kitchen! I am first generation Palestinian  born and raised in Chicago. Growing up with my amazing parents and 3 siblings, our world revolved around family dinners and unbelievable dessert spreads. Before charcuterie, dessert tables, and Pinterest worthy photos were a thing, my Mom was way ahead of her time. Not only teaching us authentic recipes and methods, she taught us your guests eat with their eyes before their mouth. Everything we bake and do doesn’t just taste amazing but has to look flawless. Thank you mom for those high standards!

In 2010, I got married and moved from Chicago to the Capital District, continuing my Corporate journey in finance, banking and leadership. After having our kids and working in the corporate world for over 12 years, I knew it was time to continue our Family business and expand to Upstate New York. 

My Family has been fortunate enough to extend our kitchen to our customers for over 15 years. Whether it was owning restaurants or supplying local stores with our products, we have been dedicated to providing the highest quality every time.

Located in Niskayuna, NY, we have a licensed commercial kitcen producing hand crafted delicacies for everyone to enjoy. Our products have Palestinian, Egyptian and overall Middle Eastern inspiration. We love to take classical desserts, perfect them and add our spin.   

What is Meezan?

Meezan is an Arabic word for balance. We chose Meezan because life needs to have balance and enjoyed in moderation. No too much, nor too little. Enjoy your sweets with a balance. We pride ourselves on making desserts with the right amount of sweetness. Offering various lifestyle options and styles to each of our products.

The perfect Balance isn’t about being perfect. It’s about finding the balance that is perfect for you!

Our Mission

Our commitment to our customers is providing the best quality and service every time, with no exceptions. We are proud to say every product is made from scratch and never frozen.

Our commitment to our community is sourcing local ingredients, collaborating with local businesses and always Giving Back. Sponsoring local events where our community can grow and come together. Donating our time and proceeds to causes that support Children, better education and the food crisis impacting our youth.

Gluten Free & Vegan Options

We are always trying to provide more options to our customers and their families who have dietary restrictions. When we say an item is free of an allergen, rest assure that we take extra precaution to sanitize & RE-sanitize the area and equipment used. Leaving minimal risk of cross-contamination. We have dedicated equipment and utensils for our Allergen Free products. 

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